StarDict related project:

Working on glossarys (dictionary databases) using python. Including editing glossarys and converting theme between many formats such as: Tabfile StarDict format xFarDic format "Babylon Builder" source format Omnidic format and etc.

StarDict for maemo
StarDict for maemo Project. Which run on Nokia 770 and N80.

A j2me dictionary applications which will support all stardict dictionaries.

Linux platform:
A dictionary software run in KDE/QT environment. It provides the dictconv tool which can convert Babylon .bgl file to StarDict format.

Fantasdic is a dictionary application which allows you to look up words in a variety of dictionary sources. It is primarily targetting the GNOME desktop but it should work with other platforms, including Windows. Fantasdic is Free Software and it is developed by Ruby programming language.

A feature-rich and very good dictionary lookup program.

A free open source software developed to read offline dictionaries. Runs on most platforms. Supports StarDict and SDictionary formats.

Another system of electronic dictionaries (Linux only).

XML Dictionary Exchange Format. It provide many dictionaries in StarDict format.

StarDict command line version.
Provide the dictd server which support DICT protocol. The dictzip technique used in StarDict comes from this project. StarDict project developed the stardictd server too which can load StarDict format dictionaries. is the corresponding on-line dictionary website.

GNOME Dictionary
The official dictionary tool in GNOME project which support DICT protocol. It is included in the gnome-utilities package.

The official dictionary program which support DICT protocol.

Atlantida Multilingual Dictionary is an open source multilingual dictionary written in Java. It can translate words from one language to another and pronounce them. As of version alpha 0.15, Atlantida uses XDXF dictionary format.

JaLingo is a free OS independent dictionary application.

A java dictionary software that is no longer active. All of its dictionaries have been converted to StarDict format.

A QT-based dictionary that similar to StarDict. It use libdict to access dictionary file, which use the two levels index technique to reduce memeory usage. But StarDict-2.4.6 added the sparse index feature, so it no longer have advantage compare to StarDict.

QStarDict is a StarDict clone written by using Qt4. The user interface is similar to StarDict.

StarDict 1.3
stardicd-1.3 is a Chinese dictionary in UNIX environment which use motif library. StarDict2 was a complete rewritten of this program. Ma Su'an developed the 1.31 version in 1999, Opera Wang developed the 1.33+ version in 2002, which make it support mutiple dictionaries.

A gtk dictionary program. This project get failed as everyone use StarDict.

A dictionary framework which is no longer active.

A simple dictionary that use sqlite engine. It come out because StarDict need download fee once ago :)

Windows platform:
A popular commercial dictionary which have many dictionaries. All of its dictionaries can be converted to StarDict format by the bgl2txt tool.

金山词霸 PowerWord
A popular commercial Chinese dictionary. All of its dictionaries have been converted to StarDict format.

A popular commercial Russian dictionary. Some of its dictionaries have been converted to StarDict format.

A free-fee dictionary software. It get some inspiration from babylon and have many dictionaries too. It aims to be a free-fee replacement of PowerWord, but not open source and the dictionary file format is not open yet.

Supports XDXF dictionaries. Windows only. Appears to be Russian-oriented.

Other platform:
A dictionary software in WinCE platform.

A dictionary software in Palm platform. All of its dictionaries can be converted to StarDict easily by using DeKdic and tabfile. It become open source now.

Another dictionary program in the WinCE platform.

A open source dictionary program in the WinCE platform.

Mail me if you know more dictionary projects that may be useful to StarDict or can inspire us.